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If you were connected to a digital device on the planet in March of 2012 it was almost impossible to ignore the Kony 2012 campaign, and if you watched the video, it was impossible not to be moved by it. It is, and will most likely remain for a long time, one of the most brilliant demonstrations of the power of digital media, and of how to get your message heard.

Over 79MM+ views, 600,000+ comments, and 1.3MM+ Likes in less than it’s first week on YouTube alone are staggering numbers, and demonstrate that significant numbers of people were moved.

How did it encapsulated everything necessary for Read the rest of this entry »

Like nailing Jello to a wall, Pinterest is a bit hard to “get.” It’s fairly easy to define the concept, “scrapbooking with high viral potential,” however many people, including many of my clients, struggle to figure out if it has any worth to them.

Instead of just telling them about it, which loses some of the impact of what Pinterest actually is or can do, I decided to make a tangible example for them to see how someone like me could engage with it, and therefore spur ideation with them as to how they could use it. I have always found that “show” works better than “tell.”

For those who do not know, Pinterest is a visual curating site. If you are on the internet and see images that you just like, you can “Pin” them to a “Board” you create on Pinterest. Say you love cars, you can keep a record of car pictures you like in a place you can always go back to. And… other people can follow your love of cars that way.

For individuals the uses are easy to understand. It’s basically a place for you to keep track of stuff you like that you see online. But brands? The key here, that I continually drill into my clients heads… Read the rest of this entry »

Not every page on your site is important. Ad Sitelinks

Think of this as multiplying your existing ads’ effectiveness; all thanks to the Ad Innovations team at Google

Ad Sitelinks offers a way for you to make your ads more useful and relevant to users searching for information on Google. While the standard text ad format can often provide enough information for users to find what they’re looking for, sometimes additional information is necessary to help provide the best response.

What if you’re a company that has multiple divisions or multiple pages, and you would like someone to be able to visit them from a single keyword? Just use the Ad Sitelinks extension and voilà, you can highlight the important pages on your site right up front.

Branded terms are often the most efficient keywords you can buy, but they are often the most clicked-on words adding to the cost, and brands often question what additional value they add. With the combination of Search Funnels and Ad Sites links, these debates should finally be laid to rest.

So what is the added benefit advertisers are seeing using Ad Sitelinks? According to Google a 30 percent increase in click-through rates when they are used. Combine that with the fact that a brand gets deeper site penetration to the pages they want to drive consumers to, and this is a no-brainer.

Facebook provides a unique opportunity to connect with your customers. Get up to speed on insights designed to help you make the most of your Facebook advertising efforts.

Facebook overtook Google last year as the most trafficked site on the internet. Social media has gone beyond connecting with friends and has graduated into a full-blown, connected personal and business mode of communication. As much as pundits attempt to pit Google and Facebook against each other, it is not an either-or equation for advertisers. Rather, it’s a “yes, and…”equation. Each of the sites serves advertisers in a distinctive way. The most notable difference is that Facebook advertising can more uniquely serve all parts Read the rest of this entry »

Love. What does it mean to brands? Often people give presentations about “brand love” and cite brands like Apple, or Starbucks, or Virgin. Guess what? No other brand is Apple, or Starbucks, or Virgin. and you cannot just go out and copy those brands. If I stood in front of you and presented a case study about Apple it would demonstrate the “concept of brand Love” What it would not do however is help you. Many in the audience would silently mutter to themselves about all the failings of their brand. “OUR brand is not Apple,” you’d think to yourself “and never will be.” And I am here to tell you that you are 100% correct. Showing you case studies of brands that people Love is a waste of your time. For “Love” is only half the story.

What people don’t tend to talk about is Devotion. Devotion, not Love is Read the rest of this entry »

And yet they still cannot seem to get the performance out them they expect. That is because they do not understand what they are buying. They are missing what is the value. They think it is a new technology, and it is NOT the technology.

Yahoo buys InterClick for $280 Million

MAGY (AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft and Google) keep buying Ad-Networks, and then the ad-network doesn’t pan out. And then they buy another one, and another. All of these ad-networks have some unique technology . And they keep scratching their heads how this ad-network that was making so much money, and so profitable just doesn’t seem to perform as well after they buy it. And they actually blame themselves; they didn’t “integrate” it properly.

And they all seem to miss what they are buying. And they continue to scratch their heads, and repeat this over and over.

Why? Because they are technology companies thinking that they are buying technology… and they are not.

They are buying a sales force, one that can sell. And then that sales force leaves because they just made “bank” and do not want to work for a bunch of also-rans in company X that bought them, under sales people who do not know how to sell, which is the reason they had to buy them in the first place.

And the star sales people leave, migrate to a new Ad Network which is “suddenly” the next great technology.

Quit thinking you are buying technology at ad networks, and do an end around and scoop up top sales staff instead. Give them a sick commission with golden handcuffs. It is a hell of a lot cheaper.

But alas, they are technology companies and seem to miss the obvious. It’s the people stupid.

ranty rant signing off…

The structure of the agency-client relationship is not designed to produce the best or the most work. It is designed to avoid mistakes. Over time, that is how agencies have structured themselves to serve clients. It makes sense. They do not get fired for inefficiency. They get fired for screwing up. Worse, Read the rest of this entry »

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