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Why is your “viral video” just sitting there languishing in obscurity? You had such high hopes for it. But there it sits, gathering dust on YouTube like the kid who threw a birthday party and no one showed up. It’s not viral, it’s just a video, and that is an important distinction. So repeat after me: You cannot create a viral video. You can only create a video that Read the rest of this entry »

I originally published this in The Huffington Post and am making it available to my readers here.

I have been embroiled in debate over employers asking potential interview candidates for their Facebook password. It is such a fundamental breach of privacy that I almost become apoplectic when I think about it. Unfortunately people applying for jobs are not in power positions, and often feel pressured to comply. As seductive as the potential job may be, do not be seduced.

Facebook has already threatened legal action, and a Senator from Connecticut is writing a bill that would stop the practice of employers asking job applicants for their Facebook or other social media passwords.

However, until that bill is passed, when someone asks in an interview “Can we have your Facebook password?” here are 11 responses you can use.

Top 11 Responses to “Can we have your Facebook Password?” in an interview.

  1. “I just want one small thing in return, is that ok? Your soul. Would that be cool? I mean, it wouldn’t be that hard for you to part with considering you barely have much of one anyway, but I’ve always wanted to know Read the rest of this entry »

If you were connected to a digital device on the planet in March of 2012 it was almost impossible to ignore the Kony 2012 campaign, and if you watched the video, it was impossible not to be moved by it. It is, and will most likely remain for a long time, one of the most brilliant demonstrations of the power of digital media, and of how to get your message heard.

Over 79MM+ views, 600,000+ comments, and 1.3MM+ Likes in less than it’s first week on YouTube alone are staggering numbers, and demonstrate that significant numbers of people were moved.

How did it encapsulated everything necessary for Read the rest of this entry »

Like nailing Jello to a wall, Pinterest is a bit hard to “get.” It’s fairly easy to define the concept, “scrapbooking with high viral potential,” however many people, including many of my clients, struggle to figure out if it has any worth to them.

Instead of just telling them about it, which loses some of the impact of what Pinterest actually is or can do, I decided to make a tangible example for them to see how someone like me could engage with it, and therefore spur ideation with them as to how they could use it. I have always found that “show” works better than “tell.”

For those who do not know, Pinterest is a visual curating site. If you are on the internet and see images that you just like, you can “Pin” them to a “Board” you create on Pinterest. Say you love cars, you can keep a record of car pictures you like in a place you can always go back to. And… other people can follow your love of cars that way.

For individuals the uses are easy to understand. It’s basically a place for you to keep track of stuff you like that you see online. But brands? The key here, that I continually drill into my clients heads… Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook provides a unique opportunity to connect with your customers. Get up to speed on insights designed to help you make the most of your Facebook advertising efforts.

Facebook overtook Google last year as the most trafficked site on the internet. Social media has gone beyond connecting with friends and has graduated into a full-blown, connected personal and business mode of communication. As much as pundits attempt to pit Google and Facebook against each other, it is not an either-or equation for advertisers. Rather, it’s a “yes, and…”equation. Each of the sites serves advertisers in a distinctive way. The most notable difference is that Facebook advertising can more uniquely serve all parts Read the rest of this entry »

The internet industry and the press mutter about the explosion of Social Media, the marketers, brands, and advertisers try and find how they can manipulate the populace using it, and the business analysts figure out ways to monetize it. But in the end, there is someone lost in all of this. Humanity. The individual seeking to connect. Really connect; with the other flesh-pods that inhabit this planet. Physical connections. Have we all become the equivalent of the 30 year old living in their parents basemen? Never venturing out?

Is a cocktail party, a bar, or even an industry event about true connections? or is it just a magical dance we all do because we are societally programmed to?

As I look at the effects of what we are all creating I am Read the rest of this entry »

This week’s episode of DishyMix features Sean X Cummings, a pundit in the digital media space. Sean recently left, where he ran marketing. He’s also writes the iMedia Connection column, The X Factor and is a well known speaker on the marketing circuit.

The beauty of this interview is its honesty. Sean lays himself on the line. Seldom do I interview guests who are so transparent with their personal and professional beliefs. Not only is it refreshing, but his behavior underscores the recent thread we’ve been exploring on the show about authenticity. I believe we crave authentic experiences from more than just our brand interaction – that the laying open of our hearts and minds to others is what endears us to each other.

Listen to this show and let me know your thoughts. Do you like this more personal format, do you like the more “actionable ideas for business” format, a balance of the two or when I mix it up between those gems of our industry like Sean X Cummings, Doron Wesley, Julie Roehm and Jason Heller who bare their souls for us and the all-about-business episodes with the likes of Seth Godin?

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