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Not every page on your site is important. Ad Sitelinks

Think of this as multiplying your existing ads’ effectiveness; all thanks to the Ad Innovations team at Google

Ad Sitelinks offers a way for you to make your ads more useful and relevant to users searching for information on Google. While the standard text ad format can often provide enough information for users to find what they’re looking for, sometimes additional information is necessary to help provide the best response.

What if you’re a company that has multiple divisions or multiple pages, and you would like someone to be able to visit them from a single keyword? Just use the Ad Sitelinks extension and voilà, you can highlight the important pages on your site right up front.

Branded terms are often the most efficient keywords you can buy, but they are often the most clicked-on words adding to the cost, and brands often question what additional value they add. With the combination of Search Funnels and Ad Sites links, these debates should finally be laid to rest.

So what is the added benefit advertisers are seeing using Ad Sitelinks? According to Google a 30 percent increase in click-through rates when they are used. Combine that with the fact that a brand gets deeper site penetration to the pages they want to drive consumers to, and this is a no-brainer.

Google’s Ad Innovations team doesn’t just help advertisers, it helps consumers make navigating the internet more efficient, enabling us to find what we’re looking for in the fewest possible clicks.

Paid search has long been the hallmark of simplicity, and much of it is thanks to the Ad Innovations team at Google. “Useful, measurable, and efficient” is the mantra for this group.

Which keywords help other keywords? “Search Funnels”

First off, this is something that has profound implications for solving one of the most vexing problems in online advertising: the last cookie problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Such a strong word

It is a company that is loved, and yet surprisingly hated — if not despised — by some. It is the friend whose little strange habits and quirks we once cherished. But now they annoy and grate on our nerves. It is a company that we have held up as a shining beacon of hope — the giant killer. The company that could stand against Microsoft and the great evil empire.

But alas, the company is but the latest victim of the same pedestal on which we elevated Microsoft years before. Beware that pedestal, for it provides a perch that only looks downward. Sometimes when companies ascend to it, they start to believe they are separate, better versions of humans.

They start to believe their own hype; in that moment, they become lost.

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, between self-assuredness and hubris, and unfortunately Google is straddling that line. Why the perceptive shift in attitudes toward Google? What has the company done other than bring us fantastic tools? Tools, like Android, that have changed entire industries. Tools, like search, that have provided insight into the most remote corners of the world. Why is the simmering of discontent Read the rest of this entry »

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